Welcome to Balanced Psychology

Balanced Psychology aims to share the insights of psychology, psychotherapy, and counselling within the workplace to help protect employees from possible mental health issues, and to reduce the impact on employers of the incidences of long-term sick leave that this can create.

Having worked as a psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor for over 10 years, Dr Simon Rowbottom is very aware that the lived experience of many people shares multiple similarities, and the challenges and issues faced, particularly in the workplace, cut across age, seniority levels, sectors and cultures.

While working therapeutically with hundreds of clients Simon has noticed that, while there has been a huge and very welcome increase in the awareness of mental health issues in recent years, there remains a lack of general understanding about why people respond to the challenges of the stresses of modern life in the way they do.


Using lessons learned through his work with his clients, through extensive research in the area, and through his own personal experience, Simon seeks to redress this and improve education around mental health.

He wants to take away the stigma of finding life a struggle and use psychotherapeutic insights and the evolutionary development of humans to explain why our minds, brains, and bodies react in the way they do.  He wants to help people understand their own mental health, listen to the warning signs, and know what to do to help ourselves when life gets difficult.

Simon offers understandable, relatable educational talks that are presented in an engaging manner, to help people get to grips with what can be an uncomfortable and sensitive subject for some.